Poker Bonuses and Other Cash Prizes

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Poker bonuses can be a great way of bolstering your bankroll, but there are several different types of bonuses which may be available to you. The first thing you need to do before exploring bonuses is to make sure you know the rules of the game and that you’ve read lots of advice from the experts about how the game works and how to improve your game play. Once you’ve done this, read on for a brief guide to different poker bonuses, and cash prizes on other sites.

Sign-Up Bonuses

These are the most well-known and easiest to acquire. Many poker sites will offer big bonuses in an attempt to persuade you to join their site. All you have to do is deposit, and you will earn a bonus as a percentage of the initial deposit. What bonus it may be will vary between different sites, and some sites may even offer a bonus without you needing to make an initial deposit.

Reload Bonuses

These bonuses act in much the same way as sign-up bonuses, although they will normally be less than the initial bonus. Still, it can be a great way of bolstering your bankroll.

VIP Bonuses

The most lucrative way of earning bonuses on a poker site is to join a poker VIP program. Essentially, these programs are loyalty schemes which reward poker players who frequent poker rooms regularly and as such play with more cash. Some of these bonuses can be of a great benefit. The rewards can be so great that the player may only need to break even in the poker game to make a profit, as profits can be made solely from the bonuses. The more points you can earn in a poker VIP program, the more of a bonus you can earn. Points can be earned by playing more games. However, it is worth noting that poker VIP programs will differ between sites (the advantages, the games available, the bonuses available etc.), so it is advisable to search around on the Internet to see which poker VIP program may be the most suitable for you and your needs.

Other Cash Prizes: E-Sports Games

Becoming an e-sports player can be very profitable and it can offer great cash prizes. A prime example is the game Dota 2, which currently has 2059 Players, 781 tournaments…and a whopping €126,105,079.21 of prize money on offer!